Nostalgia | A sense of Identity, Place & History

CoCo copyright©IreneGraham2008 irenegraham@thecreativewritersworkshopAs technical achievements multiply it seems our desire for nostalgia is also increasing. Artists (and manufacturers) are appealing to our sense of nostalgia by turning retro.

U2 choose to include vinyl in the release of their latest album Songs of Innocence. Jack White did the same when he recently released Lazaretto. Panasonic recently released a pocket-sized camera with dials instead of digital buttons.  Hail to retro I say, and thank you to U2, Jack White and Panasonic. ITunes robbed our youth of that precious piece of furniture we first buy ourselves – the turntable, and digital stole the heart out of photography. Perhaps the digital age is not the answer to everything after all?      READ MORE