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  • Writing submissions for personal critique
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  • Memoir Writing Rooms to ask questions 24/7 as you develop your life experiences and write your book

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Irene Graham is Founder of The Creative Writer’s Workshop (1991) and The Memoir Writing Club. She is also Author of The Memoir Writing Workbook.  Her workshops are accredited by George Mason University, Virginia, USA, as part of their undergraduate and graduate degree programs.



Writing Retreats in Ireland 2016 | The Creative Writer’s Workshop

Fiction & Memoir Writing Retreats in the West of IrelandBrollyY Copyright©IreneGraham2015 office@Qthecreativewritersworkshop

Remember your 2016 vacation 

Write Your Story with Book Writing Coach Irene Graham

  • explore Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way
  • invigorate your senses on Inis Mor Island
  • walk the famour Cliffs of Moher in Doolin
  • enjoy first class Irish Musicians
  • eat Gourmet food
  • sleep in luxurious accommodation
  • and most of all – develop, create and write your story with personal coaching from Irene G.

Explore the best vacation ever!   Writing Retreats Workshops

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Celtic Myths | The Story of Aonghus Óg…and Love

Aonghus, the Celtic god of love, is eternally youthful. His true name is Aonghus Óg, which means young Aonghus. Dun Aonghus, the sacred site on Inis Mór Island, the larger of the Aran Islands, is his summer residence. From this fort Aonghus Óg can reach the land of eternal youth, Tir na Óg.Myth4 Copyright©IreneGraham 2015 office@thecreativewritersworkshop

One night Aonghus fell in love, in a dream – when he saw Caer. He searched for her for years and years. Each year she changed shape. A shape shifter – from swan to beautiful woman, to swan, to beautiful woman. Aonghus’s searches lead him to find her among one hundred and fifty swans. His love was so deep he turned into a swan himself so he could be with her. Together they became the protectors of loving couples.

Aonghus Óg has four bright birds representing his four kisses, so if four birds encircle your head and sing when you are walking the winding hill to this ancient site, it could just mean you are charmed and that love springs into your heart.

Walking the ancient sites of Inis Mór learning myths and legends is part of The Creative Writer’s Workshop Novel and Memoir Writing Retreats on this mythical island.

Writing Retreats Workshops
with Irene Graham in the West of Ireland


Creative Writing | Finding Your Writing Voice

Finding one’s Writing Voice is, I feel, a key element in writing.

Previous writing influences often inhibit the creative voice. It is as if the brain becomes familiar with one mode of thought and the writer often finds the leap into the realm of creative language difficult.  Dawn Copyright©IreneGraham 2014 office@thecreativewritersworkshop

Influences such as Journal Writing, Applied Writing and Corporate Writing demand a different set of rules and thought patterns. The creative writer needs to break free of those restraints to write creatively.

Like all art forms, practice definately helps. Being aware of creative language, what it is and how it can be used in story is the foundation to writing creatively,  but in my workshop experiences, it is when a writer finds what they want to write about – when they engage with their story – that is when they connect to their writing voice on a deep level.

If this is the case, then it is important to not only understand the language within creative writing, but to focus and develop the story you want to write. This will help enhance your unique expression, your choice of words and will set the stage for the nuances of the world you are writing about.

Through engaging with the creative writing process and understanding the fundamentals of creating story, other writing influences will find their place, allowing your unique writing voice to emerge – for your story.

Creative Writing Workshops
with Irene Graham in the West of Ireland


Creative Writing | Writer’s Block

Flying Copyright©IreneGraham 2013 office@thecreativewritersworkshopI don’t believe in Writer’s Block.  Movies have been made about it, blogs discuss it, writer’s bemoan how it has struck them like a bolt of lightening, immobilising their creativity and their writing flow. But just what has happened?

Nothing. Nothing has ‘happened’. But you are right – when you feel you have writer’s block, your writing probably is going nowhere – but not because you have ‘writer’s block’ and are incapable of writing.

To me, if someone stops writing, if their story gets stuck and they don’t know what to do or where to go with it, it just means the writer has backed themselves into a cul-de-sac, a dead end, and does not know how to reverse out of it.

It probably means:

  • the story is going in the wrong direction
  • the writer is asking the wrong questions about the story, therefore no answers are being created
  • the writer does not know what questions to ask

What to do: Change your thought patterens about your story – start thinking in a new way. Move your characters around, change their backgrounds, axe them, alter their settings. Change as much as you need to so that your story starts going forwards again…and you reverse out of that dreaded dead end, and write!

Creative Writing Retreats – The Creative Writer’s Workshop


Writing Retreats in Ireland 2015 | The Creative Writer’s Workshop

Brollies2 Copyright©IreneGraham 2014 office@thecreativewritersworkshopAre you seeking a vacation that you will never forget?

Do any of the following tick the dream vacation box for you?

  • Silence to allow you to think and write?
  • Connect to your creativity in ancient Ireland?
  • Time and guidance to structure your book?
  • Luxury accommodation?
  • Gourmet Food?
  • Music, adventure and great company?

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  • Sat 11 July 2015

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Fok Writing at Table 720x540 Irene Graham irenegraham@thecreativewritersworkshop.comAccess our 12-week Online Memoir Writing Course 24/7 – at a time that suits your lifestyle.

  • Audio Tutorials
  • 12 x Lessons Online – accessible  throughout the course
  • The Memoir Writing Workbook by Irene Graham – we post it to you, free delivery worldwide!
  • Submit work for feedback
  • Private Coaching session with Book Coach Irene Graham
  • LIVE Writing Discussions
  • Memoir Writing Rooms – ask questions and receive feedback
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Memoir Writing Course Online



Kinsale 2aSet on the spectacular waterfront in Kinsale, Co. Cork, this weekend workshop offers a luxury getaway to unwind and tap into your life journey in an atmosphere where the goal is to deepen your writing adventure…and write a short Memoir.

  • Workshop – Fri to Sun
  • Bed & Breakfast – Hotel accommodation

Open to local residents as non-residential workshop

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